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According to overseas media reports, Taiwan Zhenxiong Machinery Co., Ltd. recently developed a new Chinese interface computer-controlled injection molding machine

Zhenxiong company is a manufacturer specializing in the production of plastic injection molding machines. It adopts full numerical proportional control microcomputer controllers, multi-functional intelligent Chinese computer systems, etc. it is a leading enterprise in Taiwan's plastic injection machines

the TS series of the company's high-speed elbow injection molding machine is an improved product of the traditional elbow injection molding machine. Its performance exceeds that of similar products in Japan, but the price of copper powder with different uses is relatively low

ts series is different from traditional ejector in that its reinforced mold locking structure has super large column spacing and mold opening stroke. The mechanical optimization analysis of finite element method is adopted to reduce the generation of local stress, so that each element can withstand the maximum mold locking stress and can move back and forth for a long time without lubricating oil

ts series injection machine base adopts linear slide rail, which can reduce mechanical loss and back pressure generation, and make the product injection more accurate; The machine adopts the design of double shooting and moving oil cylinders, which can achieve the mold centering effect that should be paid attention to when using the tensile testing machine, and ensure that the nozzle will not leak when shooting at high speed and high pressure. Its glue injection oil system has been redesigned, which has faster glue injection speed and greater glue injection pressure. With precise motion control, it can meet the molding needs of various products of customers

in addition, Zhenxiong machinery is also committed to the development of a new generation of plastic ejectors, such as ejecting polyethylene terephthalate, which itself belongs to an ultra-high speed ejecting molding machine that is easy to crystallize high molecular materials with an output speed of more than 600 mm/s, a special machine for oil and electricity composite of large light guide plates, and an all electric ejecting machine that is fast, economical, that is, it will not cause fake electricity and zero pollution

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