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The new Chinese fluke process instrument division station will be officially launched on January 20, 2018

we are pleased to announce the official launch of the new Chinese fluke process instrument station on January 20, 2018! This station integrates two technologies (infrared non-contact temperature measurement and furnace temperature tracking thermal analysis technology) and four brands (fluke process instrument, American Leitai company, Aiguang and datapak) to provide our customers with solutions for the integration of non-contact temperature measurement and furnace temperature tracking thermal analysis

the main features of the new station include:

Clear architecture is a materialized and specific upstream and downstream cooperation mechanism: it starts from a large industry and extends vertically to sub applications. Each application provides a systematic product portfolio, including point temperature, scanning, furnace temperature thermal analysis and upcoming thermal images, to help end users from different industries quickly and clearly understand the solutions suitable for their unique needs Beautiful interface: with a new generation of adaptive interface design, laptops, tablets and can be used

. Easy to use: simplify the search function, and the top navigation drop-down menu is directly linked to various products, making it easier to obtain information and improve the user experience

please refer to our draft for more information about the new website. Please log in directly and let us know your views on the new website

for more details, please pay attention to:

fluke official website:

official number: flukecorp

fluke company (fluke)

the largest experimental area in the world is up to this kind of experiment. This kind of experiment is mostly used for fragile rock layout or fragile rock strata. Established in 1948, fluke company is the leader of electronic testing tools in the world. Over the years, it has created and developed a specific technology market, It provides high-quality measurement and fault detection products with an annual growth rate of 20% for various industrial fields. Fluke has a wide range of users, including technicians, engineers, metrologists, etc. they use fluke's test tools to install, diagnose and manage industrial power, electrical equipment and process calibration, and thus control quality. In the past five years, fluke's testing tools have won many awards, and won more than 50 annual product awards, such as the best testing tool for direct contact between the jaw of the fixture and the specimen in the world of testing and measurement (1), and the engineer selection award of control engineering, which have been highly praised by users

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