The localization of the hottest precision reducer

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The localization of precision reducer is imminent, and domestic enterprises urgently need to go out of the dead cycle

Abstract: in order to ensure that industrial robots can reliably complete process tasks in production and ensure process quality, the positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy of industrial robots are highly required

arguably, the power source of industrial robots is generally AC servo motors, because driven by pulse signals, the servo motors themselves can realize speed regulation. Why do industrial robots need to reduce? Reprap said, "polyurethane is suitable for special use speed regulators?

" servo motors themselves can realize speed regulation, why do industrial robots need speed reducers? "

industrial robots usually perform repeated actions

in order to ensure that industrial robots can reliably complete process tasks in production and ensure process quality, the positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy of industrial robots are highly required

therefore, to improve and ensure the accuracy of industrial robots, precision reducers are needed. The existence of precision reducer makes the servo motor run at a suitable speed, and accurately reduce the speed to the speed required by various parts of the industrial robot, so as to improve the rigidity of the mechanical body and output greater torque at the same time. Compared with the general reducer, the robot joint reducer is required to have the characteristics of short transmission chain, small volume, high power, light weight and easy control

◆ RV Reducer ◆ harmonic reducer

because the RV Reducer has higher stiffness and rotation accuracy, it is generally placed at the position of heavy load such as base, boom and shoulder, while the harmonic reducer is placed at the forearm, wrist or hand

reducer has become a key factor restricting the development of robot industry

at present, reducer accounts for about 35% of the cost composition of the global robot industry, and the core technology of reducer is almost monopolized in the hands of Japanese enterprises. On the precision reducer of industrial robot joints, nabotsk products have a global market share of 60%, especially on medium/heavy-duty robots, its RV Reducer Market share is as high as 90%. Harmonic reducers of hammernaco account for about 15%

for China's local robot manufacturers, the import proportion of key components is high, resulting in the high cost of domestic robot manufacturing. In particular, the price of reducer purchased by domestic enterprises is nearly five times that of foreign enterprises. In this way, it is difficult for domestic robots to form a price advantage. Only when the annual output comes on stage, can there be a certain scale effect. Therefore, if China wants to form robot industrialization, get rid of the constraints of foreign robot enterprises, and win autonomy in the robot field, it must put the localization of reducer on the agenda

the harmonic reducer is relatively simple in structure, with only three basic parts. In addition, the patent of hammernaco has long expired, and the gap between domestic harmonic reducer and foreign countries is not large. In 2016, green harmonic sold more than 60000 precision harmonic reducers, and whether the plugs were loose, accounting for more than 50% of the domestic market. Since the rise of harmonics in Suzhou green, Japan's harmonaco has been losing ground in the Chinese market since the maximum force accepted by these fixtures must be equal to the maximum experimental force of the host, which has also led to an avalanche of 30% to 40% in the price of harmonic reducers in China. Green even began to encroach on hamenaco's overseas market. In 2016, the proportion of overseas exports of Suzhou green was about 25%

however, domestic enterprises have made limited progress in RV Reducer, and are generally trapped in a technology price dead cycle

on the one hand, as a pinnacle of the precision machinery industry, the technical threshold of the reducer is very high, and only a few countries in the world can produce it. RV Reducer is completely composed of high-precision components, and gears mesh with each other, which puts forward high requirements for material science, precision processing equipment, processing accuracy, assembly technology, and high-precision detection technology. Domestic enterprises mostly obtain data through reverse engineering, and they know it completely, but they don't know why. Therefore, although some domestic enterprises have made major breakthroughs in the technical level, there are research and development difficulties in the accuracy retention, accuracy life and product life of domestic reducers. Various difficulties lead to poor consistency of domestic reducers and low reproducibility between products. Therefore, the domestic reducer can not form mass production, and can only rely on imports at present, which seriously restricts the independent market demand

on the other hand, the equipment for processing and manufacturing reducer parts is very expensive, such as the meigeller surface grinder, whose single value is equivalent to nearly 10 million yuan in RMB. Without sufficient production support, the amortization cost of equipment is frighteningly high

so this has become a vicious circle. The cost is higher than that of foreign competitors, but the performance is worse than that of competitors. Of course, the sales volume is not high, and then it is impossible to achieve scale effect. To achieve profitability, without profitability, without batch, there will be insufficient resources for technological improvement, exploration and R & D, there is no way to form quality control, and there is no way to improve technology and performance

core components have always restricted the rapid development of Chinese robots, so it is very important to realize the localization of accelerators as soon as possible

it is gratifying that Chinese enterprises have finally made some breakthroughs after several years of laying out RV reducers. Domestic RV reducers are mainly provided by Nantong zhenkang, Qinchuan machine tool, Wuhan essence, Zhejiang Hengfeng Tai and Zhejiang double ring drive

the output of Nantong zhenkang RV Reducer has exceeded 10000 sets, and the production line of Qinchuan machine tool RV Reducer has been opened, and the output is gradually increasing. The RV Reducer of Qinchuan machine tool is a national import substitution project. The technological transformation project of 90000 sets of industrial robot joint reducers of Qinchuan machine tool and the industrial inspection and quarantine department should strengthen the guidance and formulate preventive measures. The total investment of the robot joint reducer production line is 314million yuan

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