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The process of instrument localization has accelerated and ushered in a new trend

in recent years, instruments have become one of the fastest-growing industries in China's equipment manufacturing industry, and the market scale of China's instrument industry has achieved rapid expansion. The demand for instruments and equipment in quality inspection, environmental protection, health, agriculture and other industries has increased significantly, providing a huge market for the development of China's instrument industry. As the foundation of manufacturing industry, instruments are widely used in all walks of life. Therefore, the localization process of instruments has always been a matter of great concern to the country. Zhou Shaoxiong, deputy chief engineer of China Steel Research Technology Group Co., Ltd., pointed out the problem

speed up the localization of medical devices

China's medical device industry is growing rapidly from small to large. Now it has become a sunrise enterprise with relatively complete categories, increasing innovation ability and strong market demand. With the strong support of government policies, the localization process of medical devices has accelerated, and the role of import substitution has become increasingly obvious. Recently, a number of listed medical device companies have successively disclosed their annual reports, with many highlights. Among them, the most obvious is the further acceleration of localization of medical devices, the increasingly obvious role of import substitution, and some fields even began to enter the parallel stage

in the future, domestic medical device enterprises need to devote themselves to research and development, improve their own technical strength, make up for the shortcomings of after-sales service, and develop towards the production of high value-added products. In this way, the domestic medical device industry can develop and expand. Compared with developed countries in Europe and the United States, China's per capita expenditure on medical devices is far less than that. According to the statistics of the above report, the market scale ratio of drugs and devices in China is 4.3, while the ratio of drugs and devices in developed countries and mature markets is 2.0. Therefore, with the economic development and the growth of residents' disposable income, the deepening of medical system reform, the potential demand for medical devices will continue to release, and domestic enterprises will usher in important development opportunities

speed up the localization of marine instruments

clamp the standard tensile test specimen on the material testing machine. In recent years, the marine economy has attracted much attention. It has also developed favorably with the help of the National Marine upgrading strategy, and occupies an important position in the economy. However, although the marine economy has a good momentum of development and is widely favored, the development of marine instruments has encountered many difficulties, and the development is somewhat difficult

although the development of marine instruments has encountered many difficulties, it has great development potential. At present, China has listed marine instruments as an important part of the 863 project, and more than a dozen units have applied for marine instrument projects. Coupled with the combination of production, study and research, it is believed that the localization process of marine instruments in China will be accelerated, and the development will truly match the speed of marine economic development

oil and gas pipeline China 1 is looking for ways to return and lead the modernization of the world. The localization and acceleration of key equipment

from June 14 to 15, the experts of the Acceptance Committee carefully verified the operation of domestic flow meters at Luzhi station and Zhenjiang station of the West East gas transmission company at the two industrial test sites of Luzhi station and Zhenjiang station of the west east gas transmission company. According to the on-site acceptance, the ultrasonic and turbine flow meters produced by Shanghai Zhonghe Weisi Instrument Co., Ltd. and other enterprises have met the requirements of the test outline after more than half a year of on-site industrial tests. Eight flow meters with four specifications from three domestic manufacturers have passed the industrial test site acceptance, marking the further acceleration of the localization process of key equipment of China's oil and gas pipelines

the localization of oil and gas pipeline flowmeter is an important part of the localization of key equipment of oil and gas pipelines launched by PetroChina in 2013. This acceptance is a new progress made in oil and gas pipeline metering devices after the breakthrough in the localization of key equipment of oil and gas pipelines such as pipes. This laid a solid foundation for the realization of 100% localization of key equipment of oil and gas pipelines at the end of the 13th five year plan

domestic instruments are constantly improving, but due to the long-standing prejudice, domestic instruments have suffered a lot of doubts. How to solve this problem requires Chinese enterprises to adhere to quality and study hard. In the next decade, China's intelligent manufacturing equipment (including multi-purpose calorimeter) industry will have a period of strategic opportunities for development. Speakers with relatively smooth initial operation of instrument factories should seize this opportunity to integrate advanced manufacturing, information, intelligence and other technologies for the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and the development of strategic emerging industries, Realize automation, intelligence, lean and green manufacturing

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