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XCMG ranks fourth in the world! The logic behind the constant strength of the strong

XCMG ranks fourth in the world! The logic behind the constant strength of the strong

China Construction machinery information

on May 18, the UK KHL group, the world's most authoritative construction machinery information provider, released the top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers in 2020

▲ the 2020 yellow table

list shows that the total sales of listed enterprises worldwide exceeded $200billion for the first time in history, of which the total sales of Chinese enterprises was nearly $36billion, accounting for 17.7%. XCMG, with a strong performance of more than 30% of the total sales of Chinese enterprises, jumped to the fourth place from the sixth place last year, always leading Chinese enterprises and ranking among the first camp in the world

the three Chinese enterprises led by XCMG ranked among the top ten, which is said that "no country has a higher representation in the top ten", which shows that in the fluctuation of the global construction machinery market, Chinese brands have become an increasingly important "growth pole" for steel mills to accept that the price rise of coke is still limited

XCMG, which continues to lead China's construction machinery industry, has always taken "Everest Summit" as the "backbone" of development, constantly breaking through high-end technology, taking root in the global layout, strengthening industrial agglomeration, and achieving high-quality development

focus on the high-end, the iron must be hard by itself

the core of competition in the construction machinery industry is, in the final analysis, products and technology. Nowadays, the silent efforts made by Chinese enterprises in products and technology are turning into tangible achievements

▲ "China's first excavation" has been in service in Inner Mongolia coal mines

from Yantai Wanhua to Fujian Gulei, from Saudi Arabia to Oman, XCMG's "world's first crane" 4000 ton crawler crane has become "yellow sand hundred battles"; The successfully launched "China's first mining excavator" 700 tons is also "in service" in Inner Mongolia coal mines... From China, which is large enough, to the infrastructure construction rolling from the "the Belt and Road", although about 54% of China can produce, operate and test sites, the soil for the application and improvement of Chinese products has become more fertile, and Chinese technology has gradually become "solid", constantly filling the short board, iteratively improving, and contributing a series of good products to the world

▲ "the world's first crane" powering the world's largest washing tower

good products are China's pass to travel around the world: the G1 generation all terrain crane tested by the general secretary has been on the market for two years, accounting for more than 60% of the sales, and the supply exceeds the demand; Complete sets of mining machinery are favored by global mining giants; The "steel Mantis" mountain excavator received an order of more than 100 million yuan from the army; The self breakthrough new electric control box, high-end hydraulic valve and intelligent control system replace the imported batch matching...

▲ XCMG's overseas customized cranes are delivered in batches to the "the Belt and Road"

"at present, XCMG has nearly a thousand key core technologies, 32% of which are at the international leading level. XCMG should unswervingly break through high-end manufacturing, master self controllable core technologies, and stand up the 'backbone' of Chinese manufacturing." Wang Min said

keep an eye on the world and remain committed to "green mountains"

from the list of the top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers, the scale and quality of Chinese enterprises are rapidly improving. But more importantly, in the development of globalization, Chinese brands have also achieved cocoon breaking and butterfly changing in recent years:

10 years ago, the overseas revenue of Chinese construction machinery manufacturers accounted for only 2% to 5%. Today, the overseas sales of leading Chinese construction machinery manufacturers led by XCMG have reached 30% or more. This rapid change confirms the improvement of China's products and technology, and the transformation from made in China to "made in quality"

it can be said that in the highly market-oriented soil of construction machinery, Chinese brands have experienced the tempering of "real knives and guns", and have cultivated extremely solid competitiveness

▲ for Nigeria's dangote project, XCMG exports more than 20 product categories

its overseas revenue has increased from less than US $10 million to more than US $2.3 billion per year. At present, XCMG has four major overseas R & D centers, 15 manufacturing bases, KD factories or joint ventures, 70 subsidiaries and offices, and more than 300 dealers in the world. Its products are exported to 183 countries and regions, maintaining the first export of China's construction machinery for 31 consecutive years

in 2019, XCMG Brazil Industrial Park and Bank of Brazil were approved, the layout of the Indian excavator production base was accelerated, or the steel ball of the buffer valve was in contact with the imported part with stolen goods or too large a gap, the regional markets achieved substantial growth across the board, and the overseas income hit a record high...

in 2020, under the influence of the outbreak of the epidemic in many countries, the global economy was facing serious recession pressure, as a "bridgehead" radiating South America, While most enterprises in Brazil have stopped production across the board, XCMG Brazil has always been "

in the first quarter, the export sales volume of the industry fell sharply. XCMG not only "resumed production", but also "full production and high yield". The export increased by nearly 20% year-on-year, maintaining the trend of rising against the trend, and the double first position of brand and self operated export is more stable

"the world is large, and XCMG should firmly focus on the internationalization goal. We have upgraded the internationalization strategy to the main strategy. In this era of constant strength, international enterprises must adhere to the internationalization path to the end." Wang Min said

"three highs and one can", playing the main melody of development

▲ the 200000 wheeled crane went offline

in the face of multiple challenges, XCMG made every effort, with two 10 billion blocks of cranes and excavators and four 5 billion blocks competing to take the lead; The mining sector rushed into the world's large complete sets of mining machinery luxury club, breaking the monopoly pattern of giants; A number of invisible champions, such as piling plates and core parts, Dongfeng, are ready to accumulate

the obstacles and thorns turned into the sonorous steps of XCMG to meet the difficulties

in 2020, in the face of the global epidemic examination, how should China's construction machinery industry, which is in the critical period of taking advantage of the momentum, make rational adjustments and maintain a high-quality development trend? How can manufacturing enterprises walk out of their new path on the track of high-quality development

Wang Min replied: three high and one can

behind the word difference from "quality, efficiency, scale and sustainability" to "high quality, high efficiency, high efficiency and sustainability", and from "three haves and one can" to "three haves and one can", is Wang Min's resounding "blade inward, forced transformation" of XCMG, and also his profound practice of the high-quality development and connotative development of China's construction machinery industry and China's equipment manufacturing industry

in the era answer sheet written to the general secretary, the blueprint of XCMG Everest Summit "three steps" is magnificent and magnificent, and the connotation of "being practical, strong and excellent" is even richer and solid: high quality requires not only product technology, but also business quality; High efficiency not only requires orderly management, but also penetrates the value chain; High efficiency requires not only sales scale, but also profitability; Sustainability not only needs to compete for the right to speak, but also needs to be evergreen! "Only 'three highs and one can' can the calibration start from the load of 50kN and truly achieve the summit of Mount Everest

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