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Methanol market review: local warming demand has resumed

since early February, affected by the "epidemic", panic in the domestic chemical market is widespread. Methanol fundamentals weakened. After the Spring Festival, the transportation restrictions and the slow recovery of downstream demand coexisted, and the inventory of methanol enterprises remained high. But recently, with the price rise of some mainland enterprises, market sentiment has been repaired

as of February 21, the market trading atmosphere was OK. With the early price falling, some traders entered the market at the bottom, and the shipment in the main production area in Northwest China was relatively smooth. At the same time, the market logistics trading has gradually resumed, the market mentality of Bohai rim and Huaihai has improved, and the shipment has warmed up. At present, Shandong yuan/ton; Hebei 1800 yuan/ton; Shanxi yuan/ton; North China yuan/ton; Northwest yuan/ton; East China port yuan/ton; South China port yuan/ton; Southwest yuan/ton; Northeast yuan/ton

due to the injection pressure of the new coronary disease is not affected by the virus like epidemic. After the Spring Festival, traffic control notices were issued across the country, and some areas were even closed. The logistics and transportation of methanol market were blocked, resulting in the imbalance between supply and demand in the production areas. Methanol in major production areas such as Northwest China is difficult to be transported abroad, and the inventory of most methanol enterprises in the mainland rises to the standard. Once the inventory is changed to a high level, under the pressure of high inventory, some methanol enterprises mostly have profit making operations, and the prices in various regions have been reduced to varying degrees. However, the current market trading recovery is limited, and the price reduction does not stimulate the trading volume. Some domestic enterprises reduce the load or shut down the equipment to alleviate the storage pressure

from the perspective of the downstream market, the traditional downstream recovery is limited, the impact of the epidemic continues, and the resumption of work in various regions is delayed. According to statistics, the current average operating rate of formaldehyde is about 3% to 18% lower than that before the holiday; The operating rate of dimethyl ether enterprises fell by 7% to 9% compared with that before the holiday; The resumption of work in the acetic acid market is limited, with a decrease of 22% compared with that before the holiday, and is currently at about 67%. The overall start-up of the downstream market is low, the demand side is difficult to form support, and the overall market trading is light. In terms of emerging downstream, at the beginning of February, some olefin units in Shandong and Northwest China were put into operation with reduced load, while olefin units such as Ningbo Fude, Nanjing Chengzhi and Zhejiang Xingxing have recently had maintenance plans, resulting in reduced market demand. At present, the start-up of coal to olefin enterprises has gradually increased, and the future market will support the trend of methanol

however, recently, with the improvement of logistics transportation in some markets and the increase of vehicles compared with the previous period, some traders have the mentality of bottom hunting. The shipments of enterprises such as upstream, northwest and so on are OK, and some even stop selling. At present, most of the shipments in the market are replenished by traders. In addition, some enterprises connect with the bidding of downstream enterprises. The inventory pressure of some enterprises in the northwest and around the Bohai Sea has been relieved, and the local price trend has increased slightly

in general, although the load reduction or shutdown of some methanol plants in the mainland has formed a certain support for the methanol market, in the context of epidemic prevention and control, there are still certain restrictions on logistics transportation and downstream resumption of work in the short term, and the market may fluctuate slightly. In the medium and long term, if the epidemic lasts for a long time, it will continue to drag down the recovery of domestic demand, or further lead to the pressure of upstream methanol enterprises. After the epidemic, downstream enterprises but ready-made teaching toy play single industry or gradually return to work. Considering that some downstream enterprises may have replenishment, market sentiment may be repaired at that time. In the near future, we still need to pay attention to the epidemic and other peripheral conditions, upstream supply, downstream recovery and logistics. Hard and tough: large modulus of elasticity (according to the market rating)

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